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Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and others uses Quality Score as a value for determining the previous results and importance of your ads, keywords, and landing pages which fit users’ search query.

Quality Score (QS) also comes in handy as a red flag when certain ad sections or promotions in a PPC account have to be enhanced; logically, when your Quality Score improves, your ads will convert better. Quality score is determined with a range of 1 to 10, and 10 is the best.

Many things are contained in the Quality score; like projected click through rate, ad relevance and experience on landing pages. In cases where your ad contends in auctions, the above elements are evaluated. To then decide your Ad rank, your Quality score is added with your highest cost-per-click bid. The Ad rank decides where and when an ad shows in the search results.

As a means to optimize the ad position of a certain keyword, promoters are given two options: either add to the maximum CPC bid, or increase the keyword’s Quality Score.

Google AdWords allow users to see the Quality score for each keywords. This feature is located in the status area of our keyword.

Getting the grip of Quality Score and how it affects your PPC results is essential for any PPC management expert.

Factors considered in Quality Score

The exact method to ascertain Quality Score in AdWords is uncertain, but elements which are considered include:

Previous click through rate (CTR): This is on the basis of previous clicks and impressions collected over a period. When users who come across an ad click it consistently, Google uses that to assume that the ad fits in the seeker’s query.

Landing page value: It is important that the landing page attached to each ads and keywords are relevant to the search query, valuable and accessible.

Keyword relevance: Also, the ad must correlate with the intention behind users’ search. This is easy if the keywords you bid on correlates with the ad prompts.

Geographic Results: This is a gauge of a ad’s performance according to a targeted location.

Focus devices: The results of an ad’s performance on diverse devices such as tablets, handheld devices, or laptops.

Knowing these elements can aid in improving an Advertiser’s Quality score with time.

The importance of Quality Score

Quality Score shows the state of your promotions and affects your general PPC performance. Promoters seeking to get high ranks in search results for less cash should target attaining high quality scores.

Quality score affects:

  • Cost per click (CPC): Excellent quality scores gives you a chance to bid for high positions. Therefore attaining high QS makes your PPC budget efficient.
  • Position of Ad: Attaining excellent QS can help achieve a better ad position that will ensure better click through rates.
  • Cost per conversion: As the price paid drops per click, promoters targeting results would notice noteworthy reductions in the amount paid per conversions. In addition, the creation of high correlating ads and landing pages will lead to high conversion rates.

In general, Quality Score is not supposed to be the lone result pointer for your account. Nevertheless, watching QS through PPC account may be an excellent analytical tool when accessing your general performance. Following the best practices of Quality score will ensure an improvement in performance statistics which promoters value most.

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