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High quality links that point to your site are vital in the event that you're looking to grab high rankings on Google for competitive keywords. Links channeled from high authority websites influence the rankings of linked pages in a big way. Lamentably, it's often hard to get links from high authority sites.

Benefit in an indirect way from high authority websites using second-tier links

Assume you have found an high authority website that is somehow related to the theme of your site. The authority website links to numerous different websites however for reasons unknown, the webmaster wouldn't like to link to your website.

In case the high authority site wouldn't like to link to your website, attempt to gain a link from the websites having links to the authority website. In the event that you get a link from these websites, the high authority site will still have a positive effect on your site.

This is the thing that you need to do:

1.Find a high quality, high authority site (it ought to be fairly old, have numerous backlinks and high rankings on Google).

2.Ask the high authority website to link to your site.

3.Visit the websites with links to the high authority site and solicit the webmasters of these websites in case, they need to link to your website.

Obviously, these second-tier links are not as important as links from the high authority website itself. Nonetheless, they are still exceptionally valuable and chances are that they are more important than numerous other links that you can get on the Web.

The way to contact second-tier link suppliers expeditiously and effortlessly

When you've found a high quality website with links to different sites, attempt to get a link from the website first. In case that doesn't work, you can utilize the link-building tools in SEOprofiler to obtain second tier links as fast as could be possible:

1.Append a site that has links to the high authority site to the Link Manager in SEOprofiler.

2.The Link Manager in SEOprofiler will automatically recover contact data for you.

  1. Contact alternate websites.

The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler enables you to review the quality and the quantity of the links that point to a website. It helps you to discover high authority sites rapidly and effectively.

In the event that you need to get high rankings on Google, links from quality websites are critical. Get as many links pointing to your website, as you can. Optimize your site pages to indicate Google for which keywords you need to be found. Next, obtain the right links to show Google that your website matches with the topic of the website you are linked to.

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